Specialties and Services
Dr. Zalvan is the most experienced Laryngologist in the Hudson Valley and treats the full range of voice and
swallowing disorders. If you have one of these following problems, see Dr. Zalvan; your general
ENT/otolaryngologist should refer you for these problems rather than treat them:

Professional Voice Disorders
Singers, Actors, Teachers, Orators, Announcers all generate income with the use of their voices (most professions today
require communication). Experience brings success with treatment. The best result begins with finding and treating the correct
diagnosis first.

Benign Vocal Fold Disorders
Vocal Fold Polyps, Cysts, Nodules, Granulomas, Ectasias, and Smoker's Polyps are the expertise of Dr. Zalvan, who has
performed over 1000 microsurgeries for these problems, most of which are trauma related.

Chronic Cough
This is a specialty of Dr. Zalvan. Patients have often been coughing for years (even decades) and treated with multiple
medications for GERD, Asthma, Sinusitis, Allergy, and Post-Nasal drip with no relief. Dr. Zalvan has treated many of these
patients with relief and in many cases, cure. Often, these chronic coughs are due to a neurogenic cough disorder or
Laryngopharyngeal reflux. The correct diagnosis is key to treating this problem.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)
Throat clearing, voice changes, swallowing problems, a lump in the throat, post-nasal drip sensation, chronic cough, and acid
taste are all part of a condition known as LPR. This is very common in the Western society and affects at least 50% of our
patients. Treatment mostly focuses on the use of diet changes, rather than medications. Screening of the esophagus is
Vocal Fold Paralysis
Whether caused by neck surgery, thyroid surgery, or viral, vocal paralysis can lead to a breathy voice, fatigue, loss of air, and
great reduction in quality of life. The time to treat is at the time of voice loss - DO NOT WAIT 9 months which is commonly
suggested. Dr. Zalvan has extensive experience with this type of Voice Restoration; 1000's of people have had a return to
normal voice with multiple techniques, including: Injection Laryngoplasty, Medialization Thyroplasty, Arytenoid Adduction, Partial

Parkinson's Dysphonia, ALS, Myasthenia Gravis and many other disorders can affect the voice and swallowing ability. Early
diagnosis, rehabilitation, treatment, and intervention can extend the quality and length of life.

Spasmodic Dysphonia
This disorder results in breaks in normal fluency of the voice. Often misdiagnosed as tremor or psychological, this vocal
problem can be debilitating. The gold standard of treatment is EMG (Electromyography) Guided
Botulinum Toxin Injections.
Dr. Zalvan trained with the leading expert in this field and brings this technique and knowledge to the Hudson Valley

Pediatric Voice and Swallowing Disorders
Dr. Zalvan also sees children of all ages. Young singers are a group that the Institute repeatedly reaches out to in order to teach vocal
trauma prevention. Early intervention results in prolonged careers in these young singers. In addition, Dr. Zalvan treats Respiratory
Papillomatosis, Laryngomalacia, Nodules, Adenoid and Tonsillar Hypertrophy, Hoarseness, Reflux Disease. Dr. Zalvan works closely with 3
Pediatric Otolaryngologists in his group to provide the full range of pediatric ENT treatment.

Swallowing Disorders
Swallowing disorders primarily affect the older population, however, can occur at all ages. Early diagnosis and treatment can
greatly improve the quality and length of life. Dr. Zalvan is the leading ENT in the region whose practice is devoted to these
disorders. GI doctors focus on the lower esophagus and stomach. Dr. Zalvan focuses on the throat and upper esophagus. Dr.
Zalvan works closely with GI specialists and together find treatment for most. Dr. Zalvan's areas of expertise include Zenker's
Diverticulum, Cricopharyngeal Dysfunction,Esophageal Lesions, and Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

Aging Voice
We all age ! As we age, our voices change, much like our other functions. This does not mean your voice cannot be improved
upon. Voice therapy, injection laryngoplasty, thyroplasty, and medical intervention can all lead to vocal improvement.

Laryngeal Leukoplakia and Cancer
Early (T1 and T2) cancers and pre-cancer of the vocal folds can be treated with surgery or radiation therapy with nearly equal
results. Surgery using the KTP laser allows complete removal of the cancer and preserves the most function allowing cure with
the avoidance of radiation therapy.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction or Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion
This disorder primarily affects teenagers, but can occur at any age. Typically patients will develop a "wheeze" that is really
stridor upon breathing in while exerting themselves in a sport. These kids are nearly always treated for asthma (most do not
have asthma). PFT (pulmonary function tests) are often normal. Diagnosis and treatment with a team approach with our speech
pathologists often leads to complete cure of this disorder.

Tonsil Stones - Tonsilloliths
Small, white/yellow concretions in the tonsils can lead to bad breath, foul taste, and even discomfort. Diet changes and manual
cleaning can often improve this problem. Surgery remains the ultimate cure if more conservative measures fail.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Specialties:

New technology has afforded the best images and understanding of our voice and swallowing ability. These tools require
experience and training. Dr. Zalvan not only has the most experience with these instruments but has also introduced most of
them to the Hudson Valley region.

Digital Laryngeal Videostroboscopy
Digital Transnasal Esophagoscopy
Laryngeal Electromyography (EMG)
FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing)
Acoustic and Aerodynamic Analysis
Botulinum Toxin Therapy
Operative Microlaryngoscopy
Operative Rigid Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy
Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy
Office Based Injection Laryngoplasty
Office and OR KTP Laser Voice Surgery